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How LGBTQ Travel Has Improved Over the Years

Sometime in the early 1990s, my boyfriend Angel and I made one of our first road trips together, from New York City to Boston. En route, we stopped at a major hotel chain that we’d reserved by phone a few days earlier (yes, people actually called to make reservations back then). At the reception desk, the desk clerk reviewed the reservation on her monitor and frowned. “There seems to be some mistake,” she said. “It looks like you accidentally reserved only one bed. But no problem, I’ll find you

Exploring Xalapa, Mexico’s Under-the-Radar Tourism Hotspot

Confession: If you’d asked me a couple months ago to name the capital of the Mexican state of Veracruz, I probably wouldn’t have had a clue. But after my first visit to Xalapa, I now know why some travelers rave about this mostly under-the-radar tourism destination. Located less than four hours by first-class bus from Mexico City and about 90 minutes from the city of Veracruz, Xalapa was founded in 1313 when four indigenous villages united. Spanish explorer Hernan Cortes arrived in 1519, but t

How to Be a Travel Writer & Create Your Dream Job — My Personal Story

How to Be a Travel Writer & Create Your Dream Job — My Personal Story If you’ve ever dreamed of following your passions and creating a career you love, you might find some inspiration in this presentation I made during career week at the Corona Arts & Sciences Academy, a New York City middle school in Queens. Usually in my travel blog, I share travel tips about destinations around Latin America. But this week I’ve decided to share something different and a bit more personal: the presentation I

A Look at Destination Wedding Trends for 2021 and Beyond

After months of pandemic-era wedding delays, couples are venturing out to tie the knot in sun-soaked international settings — and in numbers not seen since before the COVID-19 pandemic, according to many travel advisors and hoteliers. “After numerous postponements of 2020 wedding dates, I’m seeing the international destination wedding market on its way back to full recovery,” said Maya George, an advisor at Global Travel Collection’s Tzell Travel Group and founder of Our Black Passports in Plai

How to Spoil Yourself with a Luxury Travel Experience at Brick Hotel Mexico City

If you like boutique hotel style and unique luxury travel experiences, then just might love the Brick Hotel, a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World in Mexico City. Located in the trendy neighborhood called Roma Norte, this Mexico City hotel has just 17 guest rooms, including spacious hotel suites with balconies and terraces. The hotel’s restaurants serve a sophisticated international menu that includes — surp

What Makes Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara Two of Mexico's Most LGBTQ-Friendly Destinations?

Mexico is widely regarded as one of the most progressive Latin American nations when it comes to catering to communities who identify as Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer or Questioning (LGBTQ), their rights and the development of LGBTQ tourism. But some Mexican states stand out more than others when it comes to fully recognizing the value of LGBTQ visitors and locals alike. Jalisco — which is home to both the sophisticated metropolis of Guadalajara and the long-running LGBTQ hotspot Puert

Super Cool Living in Mexico City for $900/month or $65/night

Super Cool Living in Mexico City for $900/month or $65/night If you’ve been thinking of living in Mexico City or taking a Mexico vacation in the nation’s capital, you’re probably curious about how much it costs to vacation and live in Mexico City, and also what are the best places to live in Mexico City. In my latest Mexico City travel video, I show what you can get for about $900 a month or $65 a night in Mexico City’s super hip, super cool Roma Norte neighborhood — a modern, two-bedroom, two

Gate Raiding: Confessions of a Pre-Teen Airline Addict

(A quirky except from Mark Chesnut's forthcoming memoir, "Prepare for Departure: A Travel Writer's Notes on Life, Death and Frequent Flyer Miles.") “No sir, you CANNOT have more peanuts!” the red-faced flight attendant shrieked, stabbing a furious finger into the air. “And no, I AM NOT going to give you a goddamned amenity kit. Sit DOWN sir, or I will call the pilot immediately!” Surprisingly, the needy passenger didn’t say a word in response. Actually, it wasn’t surprising at all, since there was no passenger. And there was no flight attendant either, for that matter. The irate voice and aggressive finger belonged to a 12-year-old redhead

Where to Eat the Best Barbecue in Mexico City

Where to Eat the Best Barbecue in Mexico City Mexico City is a great place for foodies, and I discover something new and delicious every time I visit. On my most recent trip, I had the pleasure of meeting Ubish Yaren, a Mexico City tour guide, travel concierge and food expert who also shares his Mexico travel tips on Instagram and YouTube. He’s the type of guy you should know if you really want an insider’s advice about things to see and do in Mexico City. I’ve always been a fan of Mexico City

The Newest Must-Try Hotel Restaurants in Mexico City

Mexico City has long been a culinary paradise. And now, a variety of hotels around the city are showcasing their gastronomic creativity with revamped menus and new venues that reflect the evolving tastes of today’s travelers. Among the newest hotels to bring noteworthy dining options online is Brick Hotel, a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World that’s located in the trendy Roma Norte neighborhood. The 17-room property opened in 2020 as a stylishly refreshed relaunch of a hotel that had op

The World Opens up for LGBTQ+ Vacation Home Buyers

Vacation home ownership has many benefits, and LGBTQ+ globetrotters will find more options than ever in both longtime favorite and newly trending destinations around the globe. The state of Florida is home to multiple cities that continue to attract second-home purchases — including Fort Lauderdale, which welcomes more than 1 million sun-seeking LGBTQ+ visitors every year, and Key West, long known for its welcoming, laid-back ambience. In the Midwest, Saugatuck, Michigan, offers an especially c

How to Snag the Best Travel Deals Before the Pandemic Ends

How to Snag the Best Travel Deals Before the Pandemic Ends The pandemic isn’t over yet, but destinations and travel businesses want us all to get back out on the road and in the skies. Does that mean they’re desperate enough to give us all great travel deals and vacation discounts? This was one topic of discussion at the World Travel & Tourism Council’s annual Global Summit, which took place in April at the beautiful Moon Palace Cancun resort. This was the first major international, in-person

From Insurance to Vouchers: How Travel Agents Problem Solve During a Pandemic

Daniela Harrison, a travel consultant and director of marketing at Avenues of the World Travel in Flagstaff, Ariz., has been creating dream vacations for more than a decade. She knows the tricks of the trade to resolve just about any issue and ensure client satisfaction. But the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the game for Harrison — and nearly every advisor in the country, for that matter. For travel advisors, pandemic-related woes started early last year, with a slew of cancellations and rebook

Plan a Perfect Trip to Argentina with These Travel Tips from PR Guru Paula Carreiro

Plan a Perfect Trip to Argentina with These Travel Tips from PR Guru Paula Carreiro When it comes to insider travel tips, it helps if you know someone who’s from the destination you’re gong to visit. As a travel and hospitality public relations consultant, Paula Carreiro knows the travel business better than the average traveler. Born in the city of La Plata, Argentina and raised in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, she’s also quite an expert on Argentinian culture and travel. In this exclusive inte

WTTC Global Summit: Why Mexico Is Ahead of the Tourism Recovery Curve

As the world slowly emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, Mexico’s tourism industry has clear advantages over many other destinations. “The recovery has been different in different places,” said Alex Zozaya, chairman of Apple Leisure Group (ALG), during a panel discussion at the 20th Global Summit of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), which took place at Moon Palace Resort in Cancun last week. “I’d say that Mexico has been the fastest and most successful [destination] … because there were

Europe’s Great Potential for Luxury Travel Growth

Europe is poised to be an especially big seller as U.S. travelers take to the skies again after a year of being grounded — especially in the luxury travel segment, according to numerous reports. The Global Travel Collection found that Europe was the most popular international destination in its October 2020 survey of luxury travelers. In addition, 64 percent of respondents are dreaming of when they can travel again, while 18 percent have already booked a future trip and 16 percent are starting

New Pandemic Travel Requirements at Cancun Airport: 5 Things You Must Do

New Pandemic Travel Requirements at Cancun Airport: 5 Things You Must Do Travel is more complicated during the pandemic, and if you’re planning a Cancun, Mexico vacation, you should know about 5 important steps that you need to take before you leave. Regardless of whether you’re vaccinated or not, these are the latest procedures, and you’ll need to follow these 5 steps in order to leave Cancun and return to the United States. Most of the steps are related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but one of t
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