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For the Love of Latin America Travel

Mark loves Latin America. He’s been covering Mexico, Central and South America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean since the mid-1990s, so he’s seen the evolution of countries from the top of Mexico to the tip of South America (and of course he’s keeping a close eye on Cuba, writing extensively about new travel opportunities there for Travel Weekly’s annual Cuba Plus guide and other media outlets. He was even interviewed by Forbes about Cuba travel trends). He also writes about Mexico every month for TravelAge West, the leading travel trade publication and site in the western United States.

Nowhere is Mark’s enthusiasm for Latin America more evident than on, the Website he founded about travel to and around the region. The only English-language travel site that covers all of Latin America for a general consumer audience, attracts a readership primarily from the United States as well as from four additional top markets: Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Brazil. With first-person insight as well as sponsored “native” content, is focused on serving the needs of Latin America-bound and -based travelers, with unique information and travel tips they won’t find anywhere else. It also happens to be the only consumer site with a weekly roundup of the best travel deals in Latin America.

If you’re looking for a good example of what Mark can do in a blog-style format, or if you’re looking for a unique and highly targeted platform to reach a very well-traveled and highly motivated audience, or if perhaps you’re just looking for some great travel tips about Latin America, check out (and for more information about what Mark’s Latin America knowledge can mean for you, check out the sections on public speaking and consulting).

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